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Under KOP Group's ownership,

a New Era begins

at Charlton House Hotel & Spa

Our pens are poised to write a new and exciting chapter in Charlton House’s fascinating story. Conscious of the contributions of the generations before us, nevertheless attuned to the changing requirements of the modern guest, we are drawing up plans for a quiet renaissance we believe to be well overdue. A programme of sensitive repair and restoration begins, and with a balance of technology and design, we embark on our journey to transport this prodigious Somerset institution into the future.


Balance, Restored.

Since 2006, the KOP Group has been in the high-end, luxury property and hospitality space in Asia, the UK, and Europe.  Our own hospitality management brand, Montigo Resorts, started with its focus on families and 'three generations', which was a traditional Asian value.  Today, spending quality time with family has grown increasingly popular in the UK, Europe, and elsewhere in the world.  As we expanded on our services and facilities, and positioned ourselves as an ideal retreat or sanctuary for urban city dwellers, we not only attracted the young and hippie crowd, but also those craving for fresh air and wide, open spaces.

We’re conscious that the benchmark of modern luxury has been elevated in recent years. We’re no less conscious that the components defining luxury tourism have undergone seismic cultural and aesthetic changes. Gone is the past epoch of excess, where the premium experience came to be defined by ostentation and vulgarity. In its place has emerged a more sensitive interpretation of the modernist’s creed, ‘less is more’. On a material level, property developers have moved towards emphasising evocative features of period properties and their broader environmental and architectural contexts with thoughtfully considered contemporary design elements. Culturally, hoteliers endeavour to provide a service which consistently surpasses expectations, being fresh, efficient, and bespoke.

These essential ideals and values are manifested in our strategic vision for the renaissance of Charlton House Hotel & Spa. We hope to provide visitors with a new and authentic experience, sensitively restoring the hotel and adapting its working practices to resurrect that spirit of excitement and enthusiasm, that atmosphere of elegance and sophistication, that impression of curiosity and wonder, which accompanied the hotel boom of the early twentieth century and, crucially, the grand opening of Charlton House in 1965.

We have a proven track record of excellence in everything we do. In the tourism industry where service excellence is the definitive gold standard, we represent the epitome of Asian hospitality.  Our drive and emphasis on unparalleled service at our hotels and resorts have created memorable and unique experiences for our guests.  Our award-winning spas in Indonesia offer five-star experiences of detox, wellness and relaxation.  In fact, our holistic and personalised approach to wellness will be your ideal choice to reset and recharge.  We are also reworking our food & beverage offerings to ensure we remain at the cutting-edge of culinary science. It will only be a matter of time before you can enjoy the same contemporary Asian hospitality, spa and culinary experience in the hills of south Somerset.

It will only be a matter of time before you can enjoy the same contemporary Asian hospitality, spa and culinary experience in the hills of south Somerset. We intend to present to the people of Somerset a piece of architecture that is unmistakably English – rooted in its distinct natural and architectural context – and at the same time, neatly aligned with the contemporary design philosophy of Asia. We will offer our guests an experience which combines the international standards of service and luxury we recognise in Singapore and Asia, with a respect for the peculiarity of England, the English countryside, and Glastonbury, more specifically.

We chose Glastonbury as the location for our new foray into the traditional country house hotel segment because it too, is committed to finding a more fulfilling future through the semantics and aesthetics of the past. Here is a place at once steeped in history, myth, and legend and attuned to the requirements of our overstimulated  society, a place where ancient herbal remedies are harnessed to meet contemporary holistic health needs, a place where ancient religions are in dialogue with the creative output of the world’s most successful musicians. Nature and culture – past, present, and future – work harmoniously together to form one seamless whole.

We cordially invite the people of Glastonbury to accompany us on our journey to ensure our continued resonance, relevance, and resilience in the twenty-first century. Let’s work together to welcome and delight the many visitors to the town each year,  and transport our quiet hotel and spa on the Sheppey into a more luxurious, invigorating, and certain future by way of the past.

ready for the new
Charlton experience?

Our new website offers a taste of where we 
are now, and what we have yet to come.
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