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Escape the everyday.

At Charlton we believe we've found the formula for the perfect rural retreat. We've taken an historic building in an ancient, Arthurian landscape, then sprinkled in minimalist design elements, advanced facilities, and a fresh, Asian approach to hospitality to create something truly unique. Our hotel is not just a great space to sleep: it's a place to dine, to rest, and to get away from it all. Echoing through its storied halls are resonances of times passed, but also a commitment to understated modern luxury.

At the heart of Somerset.
Come and stay awhile.
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Sumptuous Rooms

At Charlton we appreciate what sits at the very heart of the premium hotel experience: a perfect night's sleep. After a restful evening of conversation in your private courtyard, a soothing massage in our thermal spa, or a soak in an antique roll-top bath you can rest assured that you'll enjoy the sweetest of sleeps. All our rooms have a sumptuous ergonomic mattress for you to eagerly sink into.

Iconic Experiences

Locally famous, our thermal spa days are always going to remain a fixture on our calendar, but we are continuously expanding and revisiting our portfolio of experiences and short breaks to cater to a broader range of personality types. Balinese yoga and meditation retreats and fitness bootcamps jostle alongside vintage railway breaks and cider tasting workshops in the Charlton of tomorrow.

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Be inspired by Charlton.
Look good, feel good.
Bamboo Stick Massage

Montigo Spa

Our thermal spa complex draws inspiration from locally famous Roman Bath and our sister hotel in beautiful Bali. Like its counterpart in the eastern hemisphere, it harnesses the revitalising properties of water in all its forms, incorporating hot and cold hydrotherapy pools, a steam room, and a sauna. The rich inventory of treatments on offer serves only to compliment to the soporific atmosphere.​

Fitness Club

All the stops have been pulled out to ensure the health and fitness experience at Charlton lives up to the prestigious Montigo Resorts name. We offer adrenaline pumping fitness classes, mindfulness and meditation sessions, and personal training sessions to all our guests, but it doesn't end there. Our gym boasts high-precision equipment, so you can work out on your own steam, every day.

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Meet our sister hotels.

Luxury, redefined. That's what Montigo Resorts is all about. Our select group of hotels blend quality food with tasteful interior design elements and an exacting approach to customer service to ensure guests visit again and again. In Seminyak you can experience the vibrancy of Bali while enjoying the indulgences of home. At Nongsa ultra-minimalist sky villas with infinity pools set a bench line for the watersports, spa treatments, and entertainment. No two Montigos are the same but we work together to reinvigorate and refresh the hospitality industry.

Live the Charlton life.
Image by Laura Chouette

Become a Member

Rural life, elevated. That's what the Membership at Charlton experience. This select group of itinerant businesspeople, wellness enthusiasts, creatives, and distinguished local residents never check out. In their colourful world, every single day is a serene, rural retreat: flawless countryside, monumental architecture, and state-of-the-art health and fitness facilities come together to form a seamless whole.

Dine With Us

Our eateries have received ample acclaim from critics over the years but we think the food speaks for itself. Replete with locally sourced meats, seasonal vegetables, and the freshest seafood, the eclectic menus at TIIGO, Bobo's and the Charlton House Restaurant will tantalise even the most particular tastebuds. And that's without mention of the extensive selection of wines and spirits.

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