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Bannatyne Success Stories

Steph Tate - Durham

Steph Tate, a member at our Durham club is achieving her health and fitness goals with determination, and a little help from the club’s personal trainers.
Steph said:

"In 2014 I weighed 17.3 stone, the heaviest I had ever been, so realised that I needed to make a change and do something about it. I started off by joining Slimming World in the October but didn't start off originally with exercise. By September 2015 I had joined a gym but it just wasn't for me at the time so my training seemed to phase out.

It was in March 2017 when I decided to join Bannatyne health club in Durham. It has been the best decision I have made. With help and support from the trainers and getting some additional PT sessions I now have lost 3 stone and currently weigh 14.3 stone, just 1 stone to go before I hit my target weight!!"

Nathaniel Pool - Fitness Manager Durham – has seen Steph’s hard work and progression first-hand:

“Since Steph has started her journey with Bannatyne’s, she has been a prominent member of the club, attended numerous classes of all intensities, additional one to
one sessions regarding her nutrition and independent gym workouts. During the past 10 months Steph's hard work, commitment and dedication has proven that anyone's goals and targets can be met.  
The team and I are extremely proud of her. Well done Steph, Keep it up!!”

Jack Brumpton - Humberston

Here is an amazing story about one of our members at the Bannatyne Humberston Country Club, Jack Brumpton. Jack has been a member at the club since mid- way through 2017 and since then has made incredible progress and seen some fantastic changes in himself. Jack’s self-esteem and overall body confidence have both sky-rocketed since he became a member of the club and began to train regularly. 

Jack loves to come and visit the club so that he can meet lots of new people and exercise with the fitness instructors. He has said himself, “It makes me very happy to come to the club, everyone is so friendly and knows who I am, and everyone knows that I want to get a 6-pack.” 

Julia, Jack’s mum, said “Humberston Country Club is a friendly and safe environment that Jack can attend and I have noticed a big improvement in his gross motor skills, his balance and his overall body confidence. Jack has always wanted to look good and always wanted to be on stage or model. Jack has hypermobility and is flat-footed. Working out in the gym keeps him fit and healthy in a way that he can manage.” 

Joy, Jack’s Nana, said “Jack always gets very excited to come to the club, he likes to work out with the fitness instructors and they have really encouraged and motivated him in all aspects of his life. He has learnt so many new things like how to operate equipment, which he can now do on his own. He loves the friendship shown by all the Bannatyne staff and it has really helped his independence.” 

Some of his favourite things to do are to use the spin bikes, the BoxMaster, and classes such as Cardio Tennis and Body Combat. 

When not at the club, Jack takes part in frequent modelling photo shoots, and has had photos taken by a world-renowned photographer who has also photographed The Queen and Michael Jackson. The director of the modelling agency that photographs Jack has been so inspired by his success and drive that it has made her want to join the club herself and she is really looking forward to working out with Jack. 

We hope that Jack’s incredible story will help to motivate more and more people to part-take in regular exercise.

Kristoffer Davidson - Aberdeen

Kristoffer Davidson, who joined our Bannatyne Aberdeen health club this January following a health scare, has bravely shared his story with us.

Kris, 35, was admitted to hospital to have several tests and was diagnosed with bowel disease. Unfortunately, he gained some weight as a result of the steroid treatment that he was prescribed. While in hospital, it occurred to doctors that Kris may also have an issue with his heart and further tests revealed that he been suffering with a hole in his heart.

Although he is currently unsure as to whether his heart condition was caused at birth or as a result of his weight, he was unhappy with being 19 stone, and looked into joining a health club to kick-start his weight loss journey. Thoroughly impressed by the facilities on offer at Bannatyne Aberdeen, Kris and his fiancé joined the health club immediately.

Kris said: “I have been very impressed with the exceptional customer service and level of support on offer as a member at Bannatyne Aberdeen. Once an initial
assessment has been booked, I will be working with the club to create a bespoke programme that will allow me to get the most out of my gym sessions, without pushing myself too far.

“I proposed to my partner on Boxing Day, five years into our relationship, and we’re now planning our wedding. Though Leanne is using her membership to prepare for the big day, I am very much looking forward to trying to reach the five stone weight loss goal that I have set for myself, with Bannatyne’s help.”

Will Watson - Peterborough

Will Watson, 56, a member at our Peterborough club is happy to share his positive fitness experience and says sometimes it’s the smallest things that give a sense of
Before weight 154 kg
New weight 121 kg
Amount lost in weight: 5 stone 3 lbs

I started training around a year ago and was getting nowhere because I was lacking focus and motivation. I have arthritis in both knees and had almost given up believing I could function properly.

Around eight months ago I started training with Candice Barry at the Bannatyne health club in Peterborough. She trains me and she understands what I am capable of but most of all drives me to be the best I can. With a good diet, regular Personal Training sessions and commitment from me I am well on the road to  achieving my health and fitness goals.

Now I actually enjoy training and look forward to the results. One of my small achievements was being able to wrap a towel round myself, but overall it’s being happy content and motivated. I have recently bought a myzone belt! I am really looking forward to using it so I can correctly track the calories I burn and join in the challenges set by Bannatyne’s.

Louise Tuson - Membership Sales Advisor – Newport

Louise shares her story to help inspire others to be the best they can and explains how her fitness training helped her at a tough time.

Two years ago I gave up alcohol & chocolate and started to run – I love the thrill of an event and love the medals and t-shirts. At the same time my youngest daughter was diagnosed with Crohn’s and coeliac disease after becoming very ill, very quickly. I needed the training as a focus to get me through what was a very  tough time. Not long after, my eldest daughter was also diagnosed with coeliac disease.

I started fundraising for Crohn’s & coeliac UK. I signed up and ran 3 half marathons in 2017 with lots of other 10K & 5K events. I even signed up as part of a team of 4 that ran 4k loops for 4 hours.

I have switched charities this year and have signed up in 2018 for the Newport and Swansea half, a night time 10k , Cardiff Bay 10k, ladies race series 10k and Cardiff’s run the streets 5K to raise money for Velindre Cancer Centre in Cardiff.
I have received a lot of help and encouragement from my colleagues and members at Bannatyne Health Club - Newport which was a huge boost. The club in-body scales were a big help, actually having the results on a graph, seeing that maybe a week when I hadn’t lost weight but being able to see that I had gained muscle and lost body fat kept me feeling positive. I started using my myzone belt and now I won’t train without it – seeing the MEPS adding up during the month, pushes me to do more, I have gone from Iron to GOLD status and only have another 11 months before I will be PLATINUM.

I have lost 4 stone and feel so much better, not so tired and way more energised – I feel able to cope with things better and have a positive outlook – anyone can do it when you set your mind to it!

Amaris Alice - Burton on Trent

One of our members at our Burton health club is currently training and competing in lots of races for a very good cause.
"My name is Amaris Alice, I'm enthusiastic and I love my fitness training. However my life hasn't always been this way. I entered my first gym 12 months before my first marathon. I had an array of issues around my self-image, self-esteem and mental health, I didn't know where to begin. But the point is, I did begin.

“Six years on and I'm training my way through a series of events, raising funds and awareness for Derbyshire Mind. The idea of these events came to life at around mile 30 of a 40-something mile ultra-marathon I was running last year. The idea is to run one event in every four week block during 2018. It is a nod to the statistic of the one in four people affected by mental health problems at any one time.

“My new challenge is to run 100 miles in one go! My goal has become about distance, which is an effort to find my own limitations. I have completed 17 marathons since 2013 and recognised that it was only a matter of time before I needed something new, hence joining Bannatyne Health Club. New goal, new focus, excellent Yoga classes and steaming hot saunas!

“My partner Richard, "acidentally" achieved a London Marathon 'good for age' qualifying time, when he turned 60 last year. So the week before I attempt to run 100
miles, he will be running the London Marathon, probably a lot quicker than me, but also for Derbyshire Mind!

“The point we're both trying to demonstrate is that anything is possible as long as you have the desire to have a go."

We wish all the best to Amaris and Richard competing in their gruelling races!

Erin and Sally - Dumfries

We love hearing about our inspirational members, but our staff often have motivating fitness journeys too!

Sally Houston, 23, has been a Fitness Advisor at our Dumfries health club since 2016. Her main motivation was to get fit for a holiday booked in June 2018 with her partner, and she hopes to have achieved most of her fitness goals by then.

She teaches Les Mills classes including Body Combat and Body Attack and is aiming to reduce her alcohol and junk food intake.

Sally said, “I want to be a role model for my clients and be someone they can relate to. Fitness isn’t just about fat loss for me, or looking good. I want to get fitter, faster and stronger and that includes everything in moderation and treating yourself every now and again!

“I’m proud of how far I have come but am looking forward to improving myself every day. By going through my own journey, I feel that I can have a better understanding of my clients, and their barriers and goals.”

Erin Kennedy, 22, has been a Membership Advisor at the Dumfries health club since May last year.

As Erin is due to be a bridesmaid this year, she wanted to lose some weight and increase her confidence. After admitting that she has had a negative relationship with food in the past, so far Erin has lost an amazing three stone.

She has changed her diet with the help of a local slimming group and has been using the Dumfries health club with colleagues and friends, to take part in classes including Group Cycling.

Erin said, “I have been a "yo yo" dieter for the majority of my adult life, but now I feel I am in the correct mind set to achieve my goals! I have recently started training and enjoy going to the gym. My goal for 2018 is to achieve my target weight and build on maintaining a healthier lifestyle!”

Anil Sohal - Birmingham 

35 year old Anil Sohal from Birmingham joined our Brindley Place, Birmingham health club in May 2016 weighing 24 and a half stone. Just 18 months later he weighed in almost nine stone lighter after a mix of personal training and fitness classes motivated him to keep going.

Anil said: “When I first joined the Bannatyne health club I was not sure how to proceed but the staff showed me the way and suggested that, as I am easily bored, classes were the way forward.

“I loved the Les Mills Body Attack and Body Combat classes and by November 2016 has lost around three stone. I needed a boost and started personal training with Chris Murray who helped me lose weight, and Chris also changed by eating habits.

“There were times when I was ready to give up and could easily have put the weight back on, but the Bannatyne staff and fellow members kept me going and stopped me from quitting in the difficult times. The instructors, trainers and all the club staff have been fantastic and without their encouragement I would not have reached this milestone.

“I am looking forward to seeing what 2018 brings.”

Connor Kingsley, sales & marketing manager at the Bannatyne Health Club & Spa Birmingham Brindley Place, said: “Anil is an inspiration to us all with his determination and dedication. “One of the huge positives of training at a Bannatyne health club is the support from both the staff team and from other members. Everyone hits a brick wall at times and it’s that motivation that makes a difference and keeps people on track to achieve their fitness and wellbeing goals.”

Jo Spalding - Cardiff

Jo Spalding, who is the Sales & Marketing Team Leader at our health club in Cardiff, can completely empathise with new members – here’s her personal story.

For years, I have struggled with my weight. I've been underweight, overweight, underweight and overweight again. I've been on every yo-yo diet around and in turn, gotten nowhere with my aesthetic and fitness goals. It took me a long time to grasp and practice what a healthy, balanced lifestyle was and I feel this is what most people struggle with. What's important to remember, is that training and food are there to be enjoyed and not for punishment or guilt. I changed my goal from wanting abs to wanting to be strong and healthy, and this brought my mind-set to a place it had never been before. I started to lift heavier weights in  the gym, and it was the enjoyment and consistency that changed my body. 

“My colleagues at Bannatyne Health Club in Cardiff have supported me with my training programme and assisted me with my form in the gym. The help from the Fitness Team as well as the other members continues to motivate me, and it's amazing to be working in an environment where everybody is passionate to help you achieve. I have tracked my progress using the In-Body scale on the gym floor and have gone from 34% body-fat to 24%, seeing my muscle mass increase too. I'm not the leanest or the strongest person, but I am the healthiest I have ever been and I feel great."

Gail - Wellingborough

We have received this wonderful story from Gail, who has rekindled her passion for exercise after a major injury!

Gail has been a self-confessed fitness fanatic since her school years. When she relocated to Northamptonshire from the North of England, she became a member at the Bannatyne health club in Wellingborough.

Four years ago, Gail’s fitness journey came to an abrupt halt when she was thrown from a horse, while holidaying in Africa. She suffered an injury to her Sacroiliac joint as well as a broken foot, and could no longer exercise.

Earlier this year, Gail received laser treatment and her doctor recommended that she should join a gym once more to aid her recovery.

After being impressed by the new equipment and investments, Gail re-joined her local Bannatyne health club. Although the faces had changed, Gail felt a sense of warmth and welcome as she went into the club, and instantly felt at home.

Since re-joining, Gail has been given a tailor-made fitness plan. She has used B-Conditioned and B-Core classes to motivate her, as well as regular contact with the
Personal Training team, who help her with exercises that will keep her focused but not exacerbate her injuries.

In the two months since she re-joined, Gail has lost 9lbs and has noticed a significant increase in her fitness levels and strength. The team at the Bannatyne Wellingborough health club have also noticed the infectious positivity she brings to the club, and everyone she meets. 

Gail said: “The whole fitness team are just great! If you want dedication, commitment, and friendliness from great staff, the use of fantastic spa facilities and  a variety of classes, then Bannatyne is worth every penny.”

Hannah - Coulby Newham

Looking for motivation? Read Hannah’s story....

Hannah joined the Coulby club in March 2014 and her journey with us has been nothing short of remarkable. 

Starting back in 2014 and weighing 22 stone, Hannah knew something had to be done. Hannah’s journey began by starting with fitness classes. 2 classes which were a great starter was the Zumba and Aqua Fit classes which targeted her all round fitness and were ideal for Hannah as a beginner. 

Through time, Hannah challenged herself with higher intensity fitness classes such as Metafit, Circuits, Bootcamp and more recently Speedflex as well as HIIT training in the gym. These classes have worked wonders in shedding the weight off and dropping down a few dress sizes in the process! 

Nearly 4 years has passed and Hannah has now lost more than 10 stone. With help from her Personal Trainer Danni, she continues to lose the weight and her aim for 2018 is to loose another 2-3 stone! We’re all behind you Hannah!

Daniel Renton - Newcraighall

Daniel Renton, a personal trainer at our Newcraighall health club, has pledged to complete an Ironman Canada 70.3 Whistler challenge with relatives in Canada, hoping to raise £1000 for Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland.

He has been inspired by his mum, who suffered a major stroke, two uncles who suffered heart attacks and his close friend Allan, who lost his life to a heart attack.  The Ironman Canada 70.3 Whistler challenge consists of swimming 1.9k, cycling 90k and running 21k and despite completing the Edinburgh Ironman 70.3 last year, 

Daniel thinks it will be his toughest challenge yet.  He said: “In 2018 I want to make a difference and help improve the quality of life for people who have suffered from chest, heart and stroke health complications.  

“I have completed a good few triathlons over the last few years but never for charity. This year I have decided to give something back.” Daniel will complete his challenge on July 29th. 

You can check out his Just Giving page here:

Lewis Simpson - Falkirk

We have received this inspiring story from Lewis Simpson, who’s 16 and is a member at Bannatyne Falkirk Health Club.

Since joining the club in March this year, Lewis has been undergoing Personal Training sessions up to twice a week to improve his strength, speed and overall
fitness. Using a mixture of functional training using body weights, free weights and cardio, his focus was to qualify for the Scottish Karate Governing Body (SKGB) under 21's European Championships for Kumite (Sparring) Over 76kg.

Thanks to his hard work and determination, Lewis has just been selected for the SKGB under 21's European Championships, which is being held in Sochi, Russia in February 2018.

Holly Hughes - Newcraighall

Holly Hughes has been at member at our Newcraighall Health Club for eight years. Inspired by her own experience of mental health issues, Holly made the decision to run the Amsterdam marathon for the Scottish Association of Mental Health (SAMH). After dedicating her time to gym classes, running sessions with fellow gym members and personal training sessions at the club, Holly was able to finish her marathon and raise an amazing amount for a charity close to her heart.

“I have been dealing with my own mental health issues over the past few years and I have honestly found that exercise and running is one of the best therapies ever that has truly helped me. I would encourage anyone dealing with mental health issues to give it a try!

I now have all of my donations in for my marathon; I have managed to raise a massive £1870 and my work has agreed to match £250, taking my total up to £2120. I am overwhelmed at how kind and generous everyone has been. I never ever thought I would raise anywhere near this much. It's an amazing total and I am so happy it is going to such a deserving charity. Thank you so much to each and every one of you who donated. It means so much to me!"

Iain Nairn - Chester-le-Street

Iain Nairn, member at Chester-le- Street tells his inspirational story and how his health club membership and personal trainer have helped and supported his fitness journey and his international cricket aspirations...

“I lost my leg following a birth defect, being amputated at 16 months old. I’ve worn an artificial leg ever since. I’ve played sports throughout my life, be it football, rugby, squash, tennis, swimming or cricket. It was cricket that set me on the route to fitness and got me to join Bannatynes. In 2013 I was selected to represent England Physically Disabled Cricket Team in an international series against Pakistan in March 2014. I knew I was good enough to cope with the game skills, but I also knew I wasn’t fit enough to cope with the competition.

Having such facilities so close to home has made my battle to improve my fitness much easier. Making use of the support of fitness advisors, gym staff and all of the equipment I’ve made, and continue to make huge strides as I continue to play international cricket. As an amateur sportsman, I have to hold down a full-time job as well as maintaining my fitness. Over recent months, the introduction of Personal Trainers to the gym has helped me take my fitness to a new level.
Working with Chris has given me new found confidence. Having someone beside you when you train is a real help. You work in the right way – keeping your form to maximise what you get from your sessions. You are pushed to work to your maximum, not to stop when it gets tough. You do the right exercise to have the impact that you want to see.

In addition to the personal training, the classes available at Bannatynes also help develop and maintain fitness. Because of my leg there are some exercises that I struggle with, but the fitness team always suggest other exercises for me to do that works the same part of the body in a different way. It’s also great to know that whatever the level of your fitness, you can get involved in the classes and get something from it.

Being a cricketer, having the opportunity to train in an international cricket ground is great. I’ll be keeping up the hard work over the next few years as we head towards the first Physically Disabled World Cup, to be held in England in 2019.”

Peter Wheldon - Milton Keynes

We have received this inspirational story from member Peter Wheldon at our Milton Keynes club. Well done to all the team that have supported Peter but a huge well done to Peter for his determination.

"I had had problems with my neck for many years but in 2007 I needed urgent surgery to repair both the spinal cord and crumbled vertebrae, which were in a dire state due to possibly unnoticed damage sustained in a car accident in 1962.

 The operation was not as successful as had been hoped; I was left with numbness down my left side, no sense of balance and the links between my brain and the legs impaired so that I have to consciously tell each leg to move forward.

We had been members of Bannatyne for 10 years and the gym team at the time offered exercises to help my recovery. Working with a series of gym staff since means that today I can walk several steps unaided as long as I have something to catch hold of. I feel my fitness level has developed immensely for someone who will be 80 next year. It has helped me deal with many problems old age can bring. Simon, today thinks up the most amazing exercises.

 I think I would have been in a poor state without the help of Bannatyne, not only in the gym but the routine Simon devised for me to do at home. I would like to say a huge thank you to all the staff at Bannatyne."

Leah Samson - Luton

Leah Samson is a member of our Luton health club and she just loves keeping fit and healthy. Always open to new ideas Leah took up weight training and is reaping the rewards.

"I have always loved my body, and as such tried to eat well and keep regular attendance to the gym. In the past I used to do only Cardio and never even considered weights. About 8 months ago however, it was suggested to me to add weight training to my regime. I jumped right into it and immediately saw benefits. My body took on better shape and I felt much stronger.

I then started a structured Weight Training Programme with a lean diet. I was intrigued to see how far I could push my body and what I would look like with more muscle mass. I also wanted to reduce my body fat percentage but without losing over all body weight. The results were impressive. I enjoyed feeling much leaner, whilst maintaining my desired size. The addition of cardio to my weight training programme further helped me improve my fat to muscle mass ratio.  I’m enjoying every bit of my training. It is slow progressive work, but very worth it!"

Lisa - Ayr

Weight is something that many people battle with through their life. The biggest and most challenging step for many people is getting through the door and overcoming the embarrassment / fear factor of the gym. Bannatyne Ayr Fitness Manager Lisa would like to share her story with you...

"Through my child & teenager years I battled massively with my weight; I was always known as the "fat kid" within my group of friends. I had no confidence and was very insecure about my body. I was always the one that people laughed at because I was overweight. However, I did lead a relatively active lifestyle as I participated in many sports (Hockey, Volleyball & Badminton) It took going to a volleyball training camp with Scotland Juniors for me to realise that I had to do something about my weight. Particularly if I wanted to progress further in my volleyball career but also to grow as an individual.

This was the start of my fitness journey and lifestyle change... The 'penny had dropped' and I found a passion and love for fitness. Seeing yourself progress and change gives you the motivation to keep going and pursue your dreams and goals that one day you never thought you would ever reach/achieve. It takes hard work and effort at the gym to change the shape of your body BUT it also takes great willpower and dedication to change the way in which you fuel your body.

To look back now I am genuinely proud of my journey and right now I am the fittest I have ever been but I am still not at the end of my journey. I am taking the focus away from the scales and how much I weigh to the composition of my body to grow in strength and gain confidence within myself.

I took the opportunity to share this with you because it is never too late to start your journey... If you have a goal or are lacking confidence in your body then you should 100% take that first step into your journey."

Maria - Colchester

Maria February, 53, is a member at our Colchester health club.

Maria completed her 1st marathon with her son 3 years ago after her divorce and to celebrate being 50. She went on to do two more marathons within a year of each other but overworked herself so took a year out.

Maria wanted to find the right gym for her with the right facilities including a pool, sauna, equipment and after joining Bannatyne’s in Colchester she knew it was the right place for her. 

At the beginning of 2017 Maria decided to run another marathon because she was mentally and physically ready. Also knew of a charity she wanted to sponsor; Sick Children’s Trust because a couple she knew lost their child. 

Maria says that she feels like she couldn't have achieved it this year without help from all of the staff, she feels like each and every one of the team at Colchester has helped us to achieve her goal.

With help from social media she ended up raising £155.00 for the Trust.

Maria felt she wasn't going to make it after 11 miles but thought of all of the training and hard work she put in to get her to the finish line and ended up achieving her personal best.

Her self-esteem has gone through the roof and she is determined to do more in the future.

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