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And so, to bed,

But Not Just Any Bed.

We at Charlton House appreciate what sits at the very heart of the premium hotel experience, ensuring a seamless  journey from check-in through to check-out: the perfect night's sleep. After an evening of conversation in a private courtyard or a soak in a roll-top bath you can expect to sink seamlessly into a sumptuous bed.

Standard Room

anything but standard

You know you're at a hotel of Charlton House's prestige when even the Standard Room abounds in opulence. Picture yourself jumping into a sumptuous bed, toasting your anniversary as you gaze across our private garden, or indeed  waking up in the eaves of a characterful Elizabethan solar. When you stay with us, you can rest assured that you'll enjoy the perfect night's sleep.

Complimentary WiFi

Image by Jez Timms
Deluxe Room

something extra special

Our Premium Rooms are distinguished by their impactful and architecturally significant features. Draw a bath and unwind at the summit of a rare Jacobean minstrels' gallery, or relax with a glass of fine sparkling wine in a secluded private courtyard. Character is a given at Charlton House Hotel & Spa, but these rooms will send shockwaves through your social media feed.

Complimentary WiFi

Deluxe Room
Image by Richard Brannen
Superior Room
Superior Room

the pinnacle of luxury

Our Superior Rooms are the superlative choice for longer stays and special occasions. With ornate and luxurious beds, claw-foot baths,  comfortable lounging spaces, and generously sized proportions these rooms will transport you back to an Elizabethan culture of sensuous experience and display. Need a sprinkle of rose petals? A bottle of sparkling wine? We'll work to accommodate even the most particular of requirements.

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Image by David J. Boozer

a secluded hideadway

Our Garden Lodge is ideally suited for those in search of a private sanctuary. Set in a wooded glen at the foot of the park, it is physically and culturally removed from the luxury hotel yet connected to its comprehensive network of amenities, and therefore  makes for a distinctive experience. Antique furniture connects this modern innovation with its historic context.

Complimentary WiFi

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ready to check-in?

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