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Our Vision & Values

Who we are.
What we believe in.

Headquartered in Singapore, KOP Properties is a purveyor of lifestyle experiences delivered through a range of businesses, including residential and commercial properties, hotels and resorts. Iconic residential developments in Singapore include the Ritz Carlton Residences (the first in Asia), Hamilton-Scotts (the world’s first sky garage condominium) and Dalvey Haus. We manage hotels and resorts through our hospitality arm, and have our own hotel brand, Montigo Resorts.  Our hospitality portfolio includes Stein Group, Franklyn Hotels and Resorts, as well as the Cranley Hotel and 10 Trinity Square in London.


At our organisation the individual sits at the very heart of what we do. Our ever-growing portfolio of exclusive destination hotels might operate on a sincerely international scale, crossing mighty oceans and tepid seas, but we were founded on a commitment to dedication and attention to detail and we take the view that, since every guest is unique, there’s no use adopting a one-size-fits-all approach to customer service.


Our emergence on the Indonesian beach resort scene in 2008 ushered in a new era for the luxury tourism industry. From the white gold sands of beautiful Bali to the wilder climes of Batam off the coast of Sumatra, we have consistently struck the perfect balance between idiosyncrasy and reliability, developing bespoke interior design, leisure, and customer service solutions in response to market trends and belief systems. We appreciate the pre-eminence of place across our estate, working with rather than against national, regional, and local cultures, all the while providing uncompromisingly high standards time-after-time.


We adopted the mantra, ‘For Generations to Come’, because we sincerely believe in its sentiments. There is of course a need to adapt and change with the social, economic, and environmental climate. But we also recognise a prerequisite for investing in our sizeable socio-cultural inheritance, our distinctive heritage, and an unfamiliar yet exhilarating future. We cater to all generations, from young children on their first family holiday to elderly couples celebrating the next big milestone in their marriage.


Had we abandoned our founding values, we would never have made a name for ourselves in east Asia. We have no intention of changing tact any time soon. As we continue to expand our business with the growing change, we’ll stand by the bespoke in the face of the homogenous. Without exception, we'll work to satisfy the most exacting of preferences and requirements.

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We’re a business in transition: we’re entering worlds we’ve not yet ventured and working with businesses in want of our distinctive touch. . Our hotly anticipated London hotel will set never-before-seen standards in the city break segment; Charlton House Hotel & Spa will refresh the country house hotel concept, reviving its faded sense of opulence while also bringing it up to twenty-first-century standards in luxury.


With an economy unconventionally oriented around holistic health and wellbeing, Glastonbury appears as the natural fit for our foray into the country house hotel market. Local talent, resources, and places of interest will no doubt smooth Charlton House’s integration into our culture, with its emphasis on the bespoke, the local, as well as the recuperative. 


Our work has started already: we're transforming the hotel's approach to customer service to ensure that every guest will enjoy a tailored experience; we’re introducing a contemporary Asian touch to the spa and its treatment list; we’re reworking the restaurant menu to ensure we remain at the cutting-edge of culinary science.  What lies ahead is a programme of practical works which will sensitively restore the building, its grounds, and its interiors, while bringing the latest in modern technology and design to bear. Picture a pristine front lawn, mown in timeless English style, a tastefully accented orangery, a fine cascading chandelier handmade from fine Italian crystal. Pause a while as you conjure up images of spectacular exposed beams, a fountain effervescing once again with natural spring water, a lounge area enlivened with chalky white paint and contemporary velvet-wrapped furniture. Change is coming, transporting our storied riverside premises as a dynamic, luxurious, and more certain future by way of the past.

Where we are.
Where we're heading.

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